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Treasure Island

Choose a tile on the map to see what it hides: one of 8 winning symbols - or a skull and crossbones!

Tizzling Seven Deluxe

Tizzling Seven Deluxe - FUN mode (same link for mobile layouts)

Fire Sevens

Fire Sevens - FUN mode (same link for mobile layouts)

Tizzling Seven Classic

Tizzling Seven Classic - FUN mode (same link for mobile layouts)

Puzzle for Netbet

Puzzle for Netbet with ability to change backgroud image and other assets just via changing params in the URL. JavaScript-based, with out Construct.

Jingle Spin

Puzzle game for promotion before Christmas.


Labyrinth game. Help Kenny! Run from Ghosts!

Puzzle for Spins

Pretty simply puzzle for one of promotions - Puzzle for Spins

The Flying Car

Accuracy and fast action will help you fly this car to win big!

The Vault

Break the vault is a tantalizing game which will test your true mind skills

The world is your Oyster

The worl is your Oyster so don't limit yourself!

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune! Try to win prize each day!

Bonus Labyrinth for

Bonus Labyrinth for Casino 777BE - allow users to collect their daily bonus.

Balloon game

Catch balloon and win!

Cards match game

Easter promo game. Match cards game can be easily customized from 1 to 10 and more card pairs! Game layout will automatically changed for different devices and orientations. Cards are always placed at the random-generated positions, so game is always attractive!

Magic 8-ball

Shake the 8-Ball and win the Prize!

Tizzling Dices

Slot game with Dices!

Alien Storm

Aliens vs Monsters! What can be better than this? Kill all monsters and win the main Prize!

Blow up the Chest

Blow up the Chest with different weapons and win the PRIZE!

Unboxing Game

Unboxing game! Select box and win the great PRIZE!

Euro Mania

With Euro 2020 on the way, are you ready?